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Turn-Key Inclusion Package

Choosing Butler Homes, Inc. gives you the peace of mind of one contractor taking on the responsibilities of overseeing the entire project from "Permit" to "Certificate of Occupancy".

In addition to all that's listed on the Home Only Inclusions list, here is what you get with a Turn-Key Package



50' x 12' driveway of sub-base gravel    
Excavate and backfill foundation
NOTE: Lot clearing will be bid per job site           

Install footer drains to daylight if possible
10” poured concrete foundation with four 32" x 16" windows.
4" concrete floor with 6" x 6" wire mesh and poly.
Standard septic system with 1000 gal tank and up to 400 feet of leech field.
(Note: Above Ground septic systems will be bid on a per site plan basis)
Allowance for 200 feet of well drilling.
Digging well ditch to house and installing pump, wire and storage tank.
Finish grade using existing lot material only (Top Soil at additional cost)
Spread grass seed and hay.          
Complete all domestic and waste plumbing.
Install overhead electric service.

 Install standard baseboard hot water heating system with indirect domestic hot water.         
Includes a 4' x 5' wood deck with steps at each exterior door.        
Includes one 8’ x 10’ wood deck with steps at 1st sliding or French door.
Includes basement stairs with necessary railings.
Includes gutters and downspouts.



Specifications Subject to Change without Notice
Refer to model information for specific applications.
These specifications do not include all available options or color choices.
We reserve the right to change or alter these specifications without prior notice

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