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Standard Home Only Inclusions

Butler Homes, Inc. gives you the option of purchasing the modular homes itself and we will deliver and set it on your foundation, to be completed by your choice of qualified contactors.

Here is what is included in a home only package.



Modular Home Set Procedure:


Delivery to site (within 50 miles).      
Strip all shipping coverings.
Flush all staples and nails.
Prepare home for crane lift.
Crane set home on your foundation sill plate.
Lift roof and secure with factory shipped accessories.
Cap roof with factory shipped materials.
Close in gable ends.



Modular Home Trim-Out Procedure:


Install (owner supplied) lollycolumns as per plans.
Hang all interior doors in mating wall.
Drywall and finish all interior mating wall archways.
Repair stress cracks.
Paint all repairs.
Install all necessary trim and moldings.
Adjust all doors and windows to close properly.
Install all exterior siding, soffit and fascia.
All debris piled neatly on site


Specifications Subject to Change without Notice
Refer to model information for specific applications.
These specifications do not include all available options or color choices.
We reserve the right to change or alter these specifications without prior notice

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